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Sky-High Signs

anderenbank3.jpgAdvertise Your Business With A Beautiful Sign!

Sky High Signs is a full service sign company, with over 20 years of experience. We are insured, licensed and hold an E.C. license, which enables us to have full control over all of our projects. We are there every step of the way, from the very beginning stage of the permitting to the very end of the project. We are committed to serve our customers with our very best expertise and make it a dynamic experience. Whether it’s for a new sign or to improve on an existing signage, we are there for you every step of the way!

Whether it’s as simple as changing a bulb or re-enforcing a current sign, enlarging a sign or making a sign meets code, there is no job too small or too large for us. We can also remove a sign, bring it back to our shop, refurbish it, and then reinstall it. WE DO IT ALL!

Sky High Signs Also Offers Vinyl Signs and Sayings For Your Walls, Doors And Windows

Please see our shopping pages for signs and ideas.  We also make custom signage for your home as well.

Sky High Signs Offers A Full Range Of Sign Repair Or Removal Services

For every sign installation need, we are your sign installation expert! We install a wide variety of signs – everything from pin letters and billboards to interior signs and banners.

We adhere to the highest quality and standards for our sign installation services. Our network of professionals allows us to serve many areas. Beyond the installation of your sign, Sky-High Signs can also help you with the regular maintenance and repair of your commercial signage.


img-0266-800x533.jpgSign Installation - Expert Sign Installation Services!

The best design, planning and signage products have limited value if they’re not properly installed. As a full service sign installation company, our interior and exterior signage products are installed by trained personnel.  Regardless of the size of your signs or the complexity of your sign installation, we are a complete turnkey sign installation company which saves you time and protects your investment for many years to come. 


Installing A New Sign

In order to install a new sign, you will need to know what the sign criteria will be.  If you lease your property, contact the owner to find out what is allowed for the sign size, type, color, etc. In addition to a landlords sign criteria, there are rules set by your local municipality. Your municipality can tell you what those sign rules are if you bring them a site plan of the property and a legal description with the parcel I.D. An occupational license will tell what jurisdiction you are under. Obtaining this information will streamline the process, allowing you to have your sign installed as quickly as possible and providing this information along with a description of the sign will get you an accurate quote for your sign.

We will then travel to your location to take photos and supply a rendering of your store with the new sign on it, along with options and quotes for each option. Once an option is accepted, the permit process can begin.

To complete the permit process for your new sign, we will need the following documentation signed and the originals returned to our office.

Site plan - needs to show building location on lot and major road junctions accessing the property. If your location is part of a plaza, please note on plan which unit is yours.

Legal description of property


Sky High Signs Offers A Full Range Of Sign Installation Services, Including:

Fabrication                                                       Engineering        

Vinyl                                                                  Permitting & Sign Zoning

Site surveys and analysis                              Local code compliance and analysis

Engineered drawings                                     Complete Electrical applications

Permit procurement                                      Negotiate Signage with Municipality 

Record Notice of Commencement               Sign Repair, Maintenance and/or Removal


colonyhotel.jpgOther Services:

Neon Lighting is high visibility, lighted signs ideal for attracting customer attention to your business.  A neon sign is a very simple device. It consists of a vacuum-tight glass tube, fitted at each end with an electrode. Inside the tube is a small amount of rare gas. Connected to the two electrodes is a source of high-voltage electrical power. When the current is turned on, the tube glows with a steady piercing light.

LED Lighting attract NEW & MORE customers with attractive LED Signs.

LED signs are the perfect choice for sharing information with the public without getting lost in the crowd! Announcements and promotions, sales and specials, events and activities... LED signs are a highly visible form of communication that will keep you connected to your potential customers, visitors, clients and members.

parkinglotlight1.jpgDon't Be Left Out In The Dark.  From major freeways to one street we can light it up for you. With a huge choice of parking lot lighting fixtures and light poles, you can go from ultra modern to ultra conservative. We carry a nice assortment of floodlights, shoeboxes and security lighting for every parking lot lighting application you have .Choose from high pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor lighting to light up your parking lot. A well lit parking lot is an essential but often neglected feature for any business. Just as with any type of signage, your building is an extension of your brand. Your parking lot should be perceived as inviting and safe by visitors and employees of your business. A poorly lit facility affects the consumer's overall confidence in safety, deterring visitation at night and impacting revenue.

Sign Foundations are inspected by our professional engineers to ensure the soil stability of the base for your signage or street furniture. We have extensive knowledge on all types of foundations including transit shelter pads, conventional freestanding structures and large diameter drilled caissons. Our surveys ensure that your location is stable and sturdy enough to safely support billboards, monument signs, pylon signs, and other free standing signs.

Auguring provides our clients with one stop solutions to their most challenging and demanding industrial crane and sign projects. We provide LDA auguring solutions, high mast lighting solutions and services as well as the latest in digital LED display systems and installation board installation and maintenance, high mast lighting solutions, permitting and surveys, and drill shaft foundations. 

High Rise Signs are freestanding and are typically located on the side of the freeway. Commercial high rise signs are usually over 35’ tall with a single pole. We will create a custom high rise sign to your specifications!


Pylon Signs are freestanding Pylon signage is often used at shopping plazas showing tenants. We are your one stop shop for pylon sign design!

Monument And Pylon Signs
are free standing signs with a vertical support structure which is either exposed or cover and over 10’ high.  Typically they are installed close to the road to attract potential clients as they drive by.  Help people find you with illuminated, freestanding pylon signs. Built to last in any weather condition, pylon signs are structurally engineered and designed to complement any space or building.   A rising trend for monument and pylon signs is to incorporate an LED reader board sign to attract additional clients by showing services, sales, or other promotions your company is offering.

Monument Signs are a ground sign with a low overall height supported  by a vertical support structure.  Materials used in manufacturing custom monument signs are typically one of the following: aluminum, acrylic, stainless steel, stone, brick or faux material/sign foam and can include changeable copy or an LED message center.

Use monument and architectural signs to identify your property, increase your exposure and reinforce your image with passers-by. Perfect attention-getters for office buildings, churches, apartments, retail stores and more, monument signs can be custom-built to meet your brand image and site specifications. They're a great way to get noticed, increase traffic, drive inquiries and stand out from your competitors.

img-0003-800x533.jpgChannel Letter Signs or MID signs are typically the most preferred type of sign due to the simple fact that they express your company's name in the most visible way possible. Channel letters allow you to incorporate your company's fonts, logos, colors, and style throughout your new sign.

Channel letters are made from aluminum and are internally illuminated with low voltage, long lasting, bright LED lighting. Channel letters can be individually mounted directly to a building or raceway mounted. A raceway is an aluminum box which holds all wiring and on which all letters are attached. The raceway is mounted directly to the building leaving very few holes in the fascia. These different mounting styles are typically determined by most landlords.

Cabinet signs provide a great way to get noticed at an affordable price. They are the best way to express multiple lines of text, multiple logos, or services offered all on one sign.  A cabinet sign is internally illuminated and is made from an aluminum frame welded together with an acrylic face. The acrylic face can be a flat piece of acrylic or a raised pan face. Pan faces are vacuum formed with a two inch raised copy area.


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